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UAS Kid Kart Rules

1.  Unless stated otherwise in what follows, all other previously stated specifications, rules and policies in the UAS will also apply to the UAS Kids Kart.

2.  For the 2017 and 2018 season, UAS Kid Kart engine, safety and body specifications will be monitored and adjusted as needed to maximize safety and maintain a balance in the competition. This policy exists because of how new this class is and will make development easier. After that time the same policies regarding UAS rule changes will go into effect.

Driver Eligibility

1.  UAS Kid Kart drivers must have a Minor Release, signed by both parents on file.

2.  The UAS Kid Kart class is for drivers 5 to 8 years old.

Eligible Engines

1.  Comer C-50 (cast aluminum blower housing) and Comer C-51 (plastic blower housing).

2.  Other engines will be examined for inclusion in the UAS Kids Kart as they are presented to the UAS national office for testing.

3.  Engines are to be run in stock appearing condition.

A.  This means that externally the engine must look as it does when it comes from the factory with the exception of the air filter and exhaust.

B.  The muffler hole sizes are non-tech (we have learned that bigger or more muffler holes do not increase performance but they do make more noise). After market tuned exhaust pipes are permitted but with a higher minimum kart and driver weight.

C.  The air filter is non-tech, meaning that the competitor may use any air filter that fits provided that the filter does not incorporate some sort of external scoop or ram effect that is visible when the filter is installed.

D.  Any drive sprocket ratio may be used. Clutch and axle sprockets are non-tech items.

E.  The fuel line from the tank to the carburetor is non-tech and an external fuel filter is permissible.

F.  Internally the engine may be altered as the competitor sees fit with the exception of the stroke.

Use of Restrictors

On tracks designated as 1/5 mile or longer, engines must use a restrictor to limit top speed. No restrictor is required on tracks less than 1/5 mile.

1.  Comer C-50 or 51 engines, restrictor maximum inside diameter is .276" (7.01mm).

2.  Other engines (to be determined as other engines are submitted for testing).

Engine Stroke Tech

The stroke of the Comer C-50/51 engines is not to exceed 1.506" and it is to be measured with a dial indicator and a suitable adapter that attaches to the spark plug hole. (This is very easy to do without disassembling the engine but eliminates the very expensive stroker crankshafts...we don't worry about the bore size in that no suitable oversize pistons are available anywhere and it is very impractical to resize a cylinder with an intregal head)

Specifications for other engines will be included after they are submitted for testing and approval.

Minimum Weight

1.  Comer C-50 or C-51 with a factory muffler.....150 lbs.

2.  Comer C-50 or C-51 with an aftermarket muffler or tuned exhaust.....160 lbs.

3.  Other Engines.....to be determined as they are submitted for testing.

Tires and Wheels

1.  The largest permissable diameter tire size as marked on the tire is 11".

2.  5" or 6" diameter rims are permissible. Maximum rim width is 6".

Rear Bumper

The rear bumper must extend at least half way across the tread of your rear tires. This can be done with a full coverage bumper or a devise such as a "hopper stopper".

Driver Safety Equipment

1.  UAS Kid Kart drivers must wear an approved chest protection devise.

2.  UAS Kid karts are to be equipped with a teather type engine kill switch that will shut off the engine if the driver is separated from the kart.

3.  Other driver safety gear is to meet the same specifications as the UAS.

UAS Kid Kart Committee

1.  Matters concerning UAS Kid Karts are to be brought to the attention of the UAS Kid Kart  Chairman. The Chairman will appoint other committee members as they are needed.

2.  For 2017, the UAS Kid Kart Committee Chairman is Mark Bergfelt.

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