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9. Point Calculation for Regional Series/Circuits

  1. Points will be awarded to the various finishing positions of the Feature (or A-Feature or A-Main) as follows;

    1. 1-100, 2-98, 3-96, 4-94, 5-92, 6-90, 7-88, 8-86, 9-84, 10-82, 11-80, 12-78, 13-76, 14-74, 15-72, 16-70, 17-68, 18-66, 19-64, 20-62, 21-60, 22-58, 23-56, 24-54, 25-52, and etc.

  2. B-main drivers who do not transfer to the A-feature will All receive two points less than the last place finisher in the A-feature.

  3. C-main drivers who do not transfer to the B-feature will ALL receive 4 points less than the last place finisher in the B-feature.

  4. Drivers who are black-flagged for unsportsmanlike or hazardous driving infractions will receive no season points for that heat, semi or feature race.

  5. Drivers who are disqualified at the scales will receive no points for that heat, semi or feature race.

  6. Drivers who are disqualified in post race technical inspection will receive no points for the entire event.

  7. Approximately 80% of all the races will count for season points for a particular region for a particular driver. The Series/Circuit Administrator will decide on the exact number and state that in their local options section.

  8. Every rain-out or cancellation that is not rescheduled will result in one less event being counted for a drivers final points.

  9. Rain dates, if a region is to provide for them, are to be placed into the original schedule of the region, prior to the beginning of that regions season. If the make-up dates are not listed at the beginning of the season, the event may be held but it will not count for that region. The reason that this is important is to allow competitors to schedule their race schedules around their work and family obligations with minimal interruption.

  10. The driver must take the green flag in at least one hot lap, practice session, heat race, or time trial session to get any points for the day. If a driver breaks down in hot laps and can not run for the rest of the program and does not receive a refund, they will receive last place overall points.

  11. Final points and tie breakers. In the event that there are ties in the final national point ranking, the following criteria, applied in chronological order, will be used to settle those ties. If a tie still exists after applying this criteria, then a tie shall stand.

    1. Grand National finishing position

    2. Most total point race wins

    3. Highest point total without drops

    4. Previous year national ranking

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