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8. Driver Eligibility

  1. Drivers must be at least 18 years of age.

  2. Drivers must register with their local UAS Office (Regional Administrator) of the Unlimited All-Stars, read these rules and policies, and sign a document stating that he/she has read the same and will comply with these regulations and releases the Unlimited All-Stars and all officials of the Unlimited All-Stars from liability related to any/all Unlimited All-Stars matters.

  3. Series administrators will have a supply of the rules and registration applications available at each event for the purpose of registering drivers at the local event.

  4. Drivers who blatantly do not comply with these rules and policies are subject to suspension from all UAS events, in all regions, during the time of suspension.

    1. The Series/Circuit Administrator for that driver's region will recommend a National Suspension to the Council of Series/Circuit Administrators.

    2. The council will discuss and vote on the length of the suspension.

    3. This provision is only to be used as a last resort. The most likely remedy for infractions is disqualification from the event by the event promoter.

  1. The Regional Administrator who suspends a driver is to e-mail all of the other regional administrators informing them of whom the suspended driver is and the length of the suspension.

  2. All regional administrators are to enforce any/all suspensions.

  3. Membership: Here is a simplified plan to implement the UAS National membership.

      1. Each UAS Regional Series/Circuit will decide for themselves if they require ALL competitors at their events to be UAS Members. Although the UAS membership is encouraged, it is up to the Regional Administrator and the racers to decide what works best for their Series/Circuit.

      2. Only UAS members will receive points toward the National Ranking for their finishing positions in both Regional and National events. UAS members will receive points based on their actual finishing position regardless of non-members finishing ahead of them.

        For Example: If a UAS Regional Series/Circuit allows both members and non-members to compete and the first UAS member competitor finishes third behind two non-members, the UAS member only gets scored for his/her actual third place finish.

      3. Drivers entering a UAS Grand National event must be UAS members.

      4. Starting as of 2012, all new and renewed natinal memberships will expire at the conclusion of that years grand nationals.

    What is a membership and what does it do for UAS competitors?

        The UAS Membership is a plan to enable UAS competitors across the country to compete with parity among the different regions. UAS members competing in Official UAS Series across the country can accumulate points towards the National Ranking System whereby there will be a UAS driver ranked #1, a single UAS champion, crowned at the end of the season.

UAS National Membership annual dues will be $40.

UAS competitors can join by contacting a Regional Administrator. New members MUST pay their membership dues to their regional administrator. Those renewing their memberships can do so through their Regional Administrator or the National Office.

The distribution of annual dues.

$35 to the National Awards

$3 to the National Office for administrative costs.

$2 to the Statistician

UAS Members, in good standing, will be eligible to compete in any Official UAS Regional and/or National event. Regional Administrators can hold a new drivers application, at their first race, to verify the new member is capable of safely racing in UAS events. Regional Administrators will continuously monitor and handle any competitor driving/sportsman issues as usual, regardless of a competitors membership status.

UAS membership is not retroactive. Membership begins when dues are paid and membership application is accepted by a Regional Administrator. National ranking points accumulation starts at the completion of the first race after dues are paid. No points will be awarded, for race finishes, before dues are paid.

  1. Number Reservations for UAS Licensed Drivers

      1. National Driver/License shall include a reserved racing number option.

      2. Past Champions will be allowed first picks.

      3. Members with the longest membership will have the second pick.

      4. All numbers after that will be a first come basis.

      5. Drivers will retain this number until their membership ceases to be renewed prior to its expiration date.

      6. Drivers must pay an additional $10 fee per season to maintain their reserved number. The fee is to be paid with their annual membership dues.

        1. $3 of this fee goes to the treasury of the applicants home region.

        2. $7 of this fee goes to the General Fund of the National Office.

      7. The number '1' will automatically be assigned to the National Champion of the previous year.

      8. If more than one applicant applies for the same number, the first applicant request will be assigned that number. Additional requests for that number will have to add a letter or additional number to make it unique.

      9. Numbers are assigned to the driver, not the kart.

  1. General Membership (for non-drivers)

    Any person who desires to become an Unlimited All-Star General member can do so by filling out a General Membership application and sending it to the National Office along with the applicable dues that are in effect at that time.

    1. General Members do not have a license to drive in any UAS event unless they go through the Driver Licensing process that is required.

    2. A General Membership costs $10 less than a Licensed Driver Membership ($30 after 2013).

    3. General Membership dues will primarily be allocated toward Grand National promotional expenses and administrative cost.

    4. General Members will receive a membership card, two UAS decals and a rule proposal submission privileges.

  2. Sanction Fee

      Each Region is to submit a $10 Sanction Fee to the National Office, at the time they report the results of each of their national point races.

Terms and Conditions

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