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  1. The Bi-Annual Rule Review Process

The Unlimited All-Stars rules have been and are being implemented across the country at a steady pace. There is a good reason for that. They make sense and they are the result of the input of knowledgeable and dedicated racers over a long period of time. To maintain those rules, a bi-annual system of reviewing them by the that they affect and a vote ny those who have committed themselves to carry them out has been put into effect. That procedure is as follows:

  1. In June of odd number calender years, an e-mail message will be sent to all Unlimited All-Stars members reminding them to read the rules thoroughly and to make their proposals for changes that they believe are necessary and be an improvement to the rules. Only proposals from UAS members will be included in the rules ballot and the proposal must be presented in writing or via e-mail to the National Office by June 30 of the accepting year (odd years). For a proposal to be considered, it must include the following;

    1. State the rule exactly as it is presently written.

    2. Re-write the rule exactly as you propose that it should be written.

    3. Write the reason for making the change.

    4. If the proposal is for a rule that does not exist, state the new rule exactly as it should be written and the purpose for it.

  1. Members making rule proposals should carefully consider the proposals that they make. Proposals that are made for selfish reasons, that are out of spite or undermine the original spirit or intent of the Unlimited All-Stars will not be accepted. Please try to think through any possible unintended consequences that may result from the proposed rule change if it adopted.

  2. In July, of the accepting year, the National Office will compile the rule proposals and post them to a variety of Internet discussion forums and e-mail them to the membership. Members are encouraged to thoughtfully scrutinize the proposals and make constructive criticism or support, and the reasons for each. The discussion should be civilized and business-like and stay focused on the subject matter of the proposal.

  3. In early August a rules ballot will be assembled and distributed to the voting Region Administrators. Any Administrator that has had actual experience at overseeing a region and is presently serving in that capacity will be eligible to vote. In the event that the UAS Executive Director is not acting as a Regional Administrator, he will maintain a vote as well. The vote will occur in Mid-August, of the voting year. The results will be determined by a simple majority vote. If there is a tie vote, the original rule will be maintained.

  4. Rule proposals will only be accepted during the odd numbered years and become effective at the beginning of the following year. This policy will allow a period of time to discover and correct any discrepancies that may have been overlooked during the rules review. Corrections and rewording that does not change the meaning of any rule or policy will be allowed in preparation of the following years rule set.

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