Unlimited AllStars

4412 W. 6th Ave.

Beaver Falls, PA 15010
(724) 462-7440

Exec Director: Mark Bergfelt

6. Rule/Policy Change

  1. No rule changes will be made during the racing season.

  2. The Series/Circuit Administrator of a region is that person who has taken it upon him/herself to organize an Unlimited All-Stars Series/Circuit. He/She will serve as the spokesperson and representative of that region. The Series/Circuit Administrator should be independent from any race track or other Series/Circuit.

  3. Any/all rule changes,made for the next racing season, will only be made after a simple majority vote of all Voting Series/Circuit Administrators.

  4. A Voting Series/Circuit Administrator is an Administrator that has coordinated a Series/Circuit for at least one full season. This provides the perspective of first hand experience with the rules before being allowed to vote on any potential rule changes.

  5. A Non-Voting Series/Circuit Administratoris an Administrator who is planning or implementing their first season with the Unlimited All-Stars.

  6. If an Administrator chooses to include some local options for his/her region, these options must be UN-mistakably clear and available to all of the regions participants via Internet Forums, Web Sites, e-mail and any race advertising.

  7. The UAS Executive Director will have the final say on the accepted UAS rule interpretation.

  8. In the instance that the Executive Director is not a Regional Administrator, he will maitain his vote during the rule review process.

Terms and Conditions

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