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Exec Director: Mark Bergfelt

  1. General Event Related Policies

    1. The driver is the official entry. He/She can switch karts between heat races and before the feature race, but not during the race. The kart must comply with the minimum weight for that particular kart and display the number with which the driver registered.

    2. All host tracks rules will be adhered to by drivers in the Unlimited All-Stars. The show will run according to their normal procedures unless the promoter decides to modify those procedures to improve the event.

    3. The promoter has the right to refuse any equipment for competition on their track that they feel is unsafe for competition.

    4. The event promoter is solely responsible for running the show. The Unlimited All-Stars provide competitors and any pre/post race inspections.

    5. The promoter is to provide documents that list the feature race finishing order, the heat winners and those competitors that were in any consolation races. This information is necessary for calculation of points and event write-ups and is to be forwarded to the Regional Administrator.

    6. It is suggested that promoters only allow a driver to spin out two times per heat or feature race. Those drivers should be black-flagged (dis-qualified) upon their third spin out.

    7. It is requested that after two unsuccessful attempts at a double file start , the field is to be lined up single file for remaining starts for the heat and feature race.

    8. It is requested that drivers whose actions are cause for a caution flag in the initial start will be sent to the tail end of the field of karts for the remaining attempts at starting the race regardless of their initial starting position.

    9. A UAS series held at a single track will be called a UAS Regional Series. A UAS series that takes place on multiple tracks will be referred to as a UAS Regional Circuit.

    10. Special Events (UAS Grand National, National point Events).

    11. From time to time, a race may choose to promote an event that is not a point race within a particular region. The event may be called an Unlimited All-Stars National Point Race after approval of the UAS National Office if the promoter;

      1. agrees to all of the rules and policies of the Unlimited All-Stars.

      2. Schedules the event at such a time as not to compete with the UAS Grand National.

      3. No local Series/Circuit is to release their local schedule until the UAS Grand National date has been released. This will allow them to build their local schedule around the Grand National and encourage as many racers as possible to attend the Grand National event without conflict with any UAS regional series/circuit.

      4. No regional series/circuit can hold an official point race on the same date as the UAS Grand National.

      5. The UAS National Office will maintain all jurisdiction over the UAS Grand National event. All rules will be adhered to based on the established UAS rules with no local options. The UAS National Office will be the governing body working in conjunction with and over riding all local and Regional Series Administrators.

    12. The Unlimited All-Stars Grand National will always be scheduled for the second or third weekend in September.

    13. In those instances where time trials are used, if there are two drivers whose fastest lap qualifying times are identical, the second fastest qualifying times clocked by those drivers will be used to break the tie and the higher position will be awarded to the driver with the better second fastest time.

    14. In order to keep shows moving and prevent people from being on the racing surface while karts are in motion. No competitors kart may be restarted with the use of a starting mechanism that is not permanently installed on the kart and operated by a person other than the driver, once all four of the wheels of his/her kart are on the racing surface. Drivers that are equipped with an on-board starting mechanism that can be operated by the driver, while seated in a normal driving position, may use those devices to restart their engines, but they are subject to any time restraints that are put in place by the officials for getting back into the race. The only exception is in the case of a red flag situation where the flag man orders the drivers to shut off their engines.

Terms and Conditions

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