Unlimited Allstars

2016 Grand National
Meridian, Mississippi

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UAS Grand National

7       Eric Stansberry
2C    Wes Snow
77     Cory Payton
57     Mike Evans
17C  James Conway
62     Buddy Anderson
27W  Joe Warning
72     John Garde
12     Jason Anderson
33     Auston Seay
42     Matt Browning
919   Brett Mesler
H14  Shawn Hill
10     Christy Mayo
23     P-Nut Devad-Ming
33     Robby Yow
37     Michael Nicosia
001   Dustin Stagar
2        Kevin Dugger
63      Ben Taft
10S   Santiago Ruiz De Gopegui
22      Brandon Hill
33      Cody Chism
77F   Denny Furlow
54     Terry Holifield
8        Delaney Rueben
7X     Eric Grice
17      Wayne Howe
51A   Steve Windle
54      Jason Blok
80      Ed Schreifels


There was no 'Dash-For-Cash' and everyone
entered was able to run the GN.
Limited Outlaw Race

33    Evan Seay
25    Kory Jarrett
37    Brad Nicosia
2      Kevin Dugger
40    Justin Gilbert
42    Michael Meachum
431  Zac Lamb
83    Magdelyn Confer

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