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10. National Ranking

  1. Only National Point races will count for the national title added to a single main event held every September of every year. Regions will be afforded 2 National Point events per region. Local regional races will not count for the national ranking. For a National Point event to count for national points, it must run according to the national rules as written.

  1. The national title will be contested and awarded based on the racers best two National Point event finishes added to the racers finishing position in the UAS Grand National event. Each National Point Race will constitute 25% and the Grand National event 50% of the points.

  1. An administrator or a designated official representing multiple administrations will forward the results of each race to the National Office and/or the national statistician.

  1. Each region can schedule as many as two National Point races.

  2. The Regional Administrator must submit the dates for his/her regional National Points races at the same time they submit and publish their season schedule.

  3. The National Office may schedule additional high profile National Point events that are not charged to any particular regions total of 2 events.

  4. Bonus points will be added to a racer's total based upon how they finish in their regional championship which must be determined prior to the Grand National event. In regions that have regional point races after the GN, the points will go to the top 5 racers in that region at the time of the GN.

            • 1st=10,2nd=8,3rd=6,4th=4,5th=2

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